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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. the player’s mission is to gather a higher amount than the dealer without “busting”. Blackjack is a very easy and enjoying game to learn that attracts both professional and amateur players. Find the best Online Blackjack for New Zealand players:

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Online Blackjack Rules

Beat the Dealer: Blackjack is a simple and exciting game, the users play against the dealer and compete who scores higher without busting out (scoring over 21). in this arena you and the other players battling to beat the dealer. the main goal is to get a hand with the value of 21 or under which beats the dealer’s hand.

Deal the Cards: The dealer deal etch player 2 cards, all cards are visible to all players. the dealer also revising two cards, the first card exposed to all, and the other card is down. all numbered cards (2-9) represent exactly the card numbers amount . all other cards (picture cards) represent a value of 10, and the Ace card is special and counts as 1 or 11.

The Bet: Before a round of blackjack beings you will need to decide how much is your bet. if you will win you get double the amount of your bet. if you hit 21 in the first 2 cards – blackjack (ace and a picture card), you will get 1.5 to 1 payout, except if the dealer also hit blackjack, in that case, it’s a draw and there is no payout.

Hit or Stay: If you got lucky and hit Blackjack you will not need to decide to hit or stay. but if not, you will get a chance to receive more cards ” (one at a time) by saying “hit”, until you decide to stay or getting busted (scoring over 21).

Split me: If you got 2 cards in the same value, you have the option to split them into two separate hands. this means that you will need to double your bet and split it to two hands. you will receive 1 card extra for etching hand and will be given the same option to hit or stay for etching hand.

Double Down: If the value of you first two card is 9,10 or 11 you have the option to double down, this means that you need to double your bet but you will only receive one more card without the option to “hit” more cards.

Insurance: If the dealer reserve an ace card, you can insurance yourself against the odds that the other face down card is a 10 (picture card), this means that if the dealer hit a blackjack you will win the insurance. you can insurance your hand in the amount of half of the original bet. insurance pays 2:1.

The Dealer Play: After all players finished to play is the turn of the dealer. the dealer reviles the face down card and continues to play by the clear set of rules:

  •  16 or under- Dealers must hit
  •  17 or under -Dealers must stand

The Results:

  • Over 21 – dealers is busted and all remaining players wins
  • If the dealer’s cards value is higher then the player the, the house wins.
  • House Card value is lower than the player the player wins.
  • in case the dealer and the player have the same value is a “push” (draw) and there is no payout.

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