Learn How to Win at Online Roulette

The top New Zealand online casinos have made roulette a staple offering over the years. In this guide, we’ll show you how to play so you can have some fun at our selection of recommended NZ casinos.

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A Complete Guide to Online Roulette

Online Roulette

To get the most out of the roulette offerings available at the top NZ online casinos, you need to know the basics. Naturally, the fundamentals won’t guarantee you a win each time the wheel spins. However, with an understanding of the basics, you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of this casino classic.

The Rules

The underlying premise is this: each time the wheel spins, you have to predict where the ball is going to stop. Now, what makes roulette unique is that you can be as general or specific as you like in that prediction.

When you look at the betting board, you’ll see that each number is either red or black. Additionally, sets of 12 numbers are put into groups, as are odd, even, high and low numbers. This categorisation is what allows you to be general with your picks.

For example: if you choose to bet on red, you’ll win when the ball stops on any red number. Similarly, if you bet on a number within the first group of 12 (known as the first dozen), you’ll win if the ball lands on 1 to 12. Naturally, the more specific you are, the better your potential returns will be. However, before we talk about the odds of roulette, scroll down to the next section for an overview of its mechanics.

Table Basics: The Mechanics of Roulette Online

There are two main parts to a game of roulette: the betting board and the wheel. The former is where you make your picks by placing chips on the relevant box/es. Once the croupier calls for no more bets, a small ball is dropped onto the spinning wheel. When it stops, all winning bets are paid out.

Depending on the variant you play, the wheel and betting board will feature 37 or 38 numbers. In European roulette, there are 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36. In American roulette, the layout is virtually identical except for the addition of a double zero (00). So, there are 38 numbers: 00, 0 and 1 to 36.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, numbers also fall into certain categories. The broader the category, the lower the potential returns. In practice, you can make the following bets when you play roulette online:

Inside Bets

Bet NameDescription
Straight UpBetting on a single number
SplitUsing a single chip to cover two adjacent numbers
StreetUsing a single chip to cover three numbers in a row
SquareUsing a single chip to cover four numbers connected in a square
Double StreetUsing a single chip to cover two rows of three numbers each

Outside Bets

Bet NameDescription
DozenA group of 12 numbers – there are three dozens: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36
ColumnsAn alternative group of 12 numbers running in vertical columns
High or LowMake a single bet and cover “high” numbers (19-36) or “low” numbers (1-18)
Odd or EvenMake a single bet and cover all the odd numbers or all the even numbers
Red or BlackMake a single bet and cover all the red or all the black numbers

What is the House Edge in Roulette?

As you can see, there’s plenty of scopes to vary your roulette betting strategy. In fact, the moves you make will determine how likely you are to win on a given spin. However, before we talk about the odds of each betting option, let’s quickly talk about the house edge.

Whenever you play any casino game, the house will always have an advantage. Depending on the game you choose, this edge will either be smaller or larger. Compared to most online casino games, roulette’s house edge is fairly low. But there is an important caveat you need to know.

The host’s advantage will change depending on the variant you’re playing. If we exclude recent innovations such as double ball roulette, you can see how one format offers better odds than the other:

  • European Roulette House Edge: 2.70%
  • American Roulette House Edge: 5.26%

These edges are based on correctly choosing a single number and they differ because American roulette features a double zero (00). Because this variant has an extra number (38 instead of 37) and the top payout is the same as its European counterpart (35:1), your odds as a player are slightly worse. Therefore, if you have the choice, European roulette is the best option purely from the perspective of the house edge. However, both variants are very enjoyable, so it’s down to personal preference.

Roulette Betting Odds

Now we’ve established the overall advantage the house has, let’s look at each bet. As we’ve said, you can be as general or specific as you like. This allows you to lower your potential risk or increase your potential returns at will. In other words, you can be general with your picks and enjoy better odds or you can be more specific and play for a bigger return on your investment.

In the table below, we’ve outlined the odds for European roulette. If you’re playing American roulette, you can expect your chances of winning to be slightly worse (usually around 1%) on each bet:

Inside Bets

Bet Type PayoutChance of Winning
Straight Up35:1 return2.70%
Split17:1 return5.41%
Street17:1 return5.41%
Square8:1 return10.81%
Double Street5:1 return16.22%

Outside Bets

Bet Type PayoutChance of Winning
Dozen2:1 return32.43%
Columns2:1 return32.43%
High or Low1:1 return48.65%
Odd or Even1:1 return48.65%
Red or Black1:1 return48.65%

Roulette Strategy: Can You Beat the Wheel?

There are multiple ways to improve your time at the table. Although you can’t ever guarantee yourself a win, there are roulette strategies that can help you manage your money and boost your overall potential. For an in-depth look at these, check out our expert roulette strategy guide. However, before you do that, here are some top tips to take away with you.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Always choose European roulette over American roulette if you can, because it offers better odds.
  2. Never spend more than you can afford because a broke player has zero chance of winning any money.
  3. Combine inside bets with outside bets to lower your overall risk.
  4. Consider betting on zero (0) as this is the only number not covered by traditional outside bets such as odd/even, red/black etc.
  5. Make sure you have fun. Roulette is an extremely engaging game and you should only play if you’re enjoying the experience.

What Are the Main Types of Roulette Online

Before we leave you, it’s important to mention that there are many types of roulette out there. In this guide, we’ve referred to the main variants, European and American. However, thanks to certain innovators and, more recently, the internet, new innovations have popped up. We’ve covered these in another of our casino breakdowns. However, the list below offers a preview of what you can expect:

  • French Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Multi Wheel Roulette
  • Bonus Roulette
  • Progressive Jackpot Roulette

Try Your Hand at Online Roulette

There you have it, that’s roulette. Essentially a game that all players can enjoy, this classic will have you wagering and, potentially, winning in ways that suit you. So, if you’re ready to take on the wheel, make sure you join one of our recommended NZ online casinos and play for free or real money today.

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